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Monday, March 30, 2015

Just When We Linger Where We Should Avoid

Near the Border

Most of my life I spent on the island--Sakhalin Island. Although I was born on Kamchatka Peninsula. Several years our family lived in Kuril Islands. During my time in the US as an high school exchange student, I lived near Canadian border. Living near border is quite different.
When you live close to an international border you are more likely to meet people from a neighboring country. You encounter checkpoints. Military presence is more prominent, although not always the case. You encounter symbols of the country that's across the border: flag, coat of arms, etc. If you are lingering around border, you most likely to get arrested, in some cases you might get killed.
It's illegal to enter a country without proper identification ( passport, visa). Sneaking to another country may lead to arrest, prison sentence and deportation. It's possible to sneak in through unguarded border section.
What is the most guarded city of the country---its capital.You see capital city is where the
  But once you are inside that country--anything can happen to you. You can get arrested, deported, send to jail, or even executed.
Bible reminds us that we are sojourners. We belong to the Lord. Our home is Heaven, where God is.

And when we are lingering...

I had a great chance to go snowshoeing in February. It was so nice to get away from all hustle and bustle, to pend time with God. The path from woods lead me to a waterfront. I checked the ice. It was solid. Few minutes later I heard cracking noise. And there it was--crack on ice. My heart sank. What's next? I looked, checked the crack. It was only on the surface. It was safe. Nevertheless, I got of the waterfront. The rest of my walk was on land. That night I heard on the news about two people who went under ice on a snowmobile. Both of them died. If I fell under the ice, I would have been dead from hypothermia.
Too often we underestimate or overestimate the situation. Bible tells us to not to worry. At the same time we have to be on guard. It is so easy to fall into traps. Satan is constantly looking for the opportunities to attack us, to destroy our lives,our testimonies,and our bodies. We have to put the whole armor of God. If we don't have it on, we'll be under attack(s) for sure.

Where we are safe

 There is only one safe place for us--God's presence. While we on earth we are not safe anywhere, because we live in a war zone. Some live in places where war-- actual war--is taking place. However, every Christian is in the midst of war--spiritual war. Our bodies are temporary. Souls are forever.
To often we live on earth as if it were our permanent home. It's not--we are passing by.  This life is a journey. Heaven is the only place where we will be free of sorrows and burdens and safe. We never know what next moment brings.