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Saturday, November 21, 2015

When the Hate Finds the Gate...

Hate towards other people...

Everyone has a capacity to hate others. But hate can slowly poison your life. Many times it enters our hearts discreetly.  We might even miss the moment.
I used to hate a few people. By God's grace, I don't hate them anymore. A heart free of hatred is one of the best gifts.
The hate came into my life when I was young--around the age of nine, it might have been earlier, but it manifested itself when I was nine years old.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Who Am I?

We all asked that question. The answer depends on the context; a nurse, a student, French, seeker, a personal assistant, and many other responses.
Few months ago I ordered a DNA testing kit. Last week the results were in. According to the test I am 99.6% European. That wasn't surprise. Out of my European lineage 85.3% is Eastern European, Interestingly enough, the test didn't differentiate between Eastern European populations. So I don't know how much Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, or any other Eastern European DNA I have. Also, there is 6.4% Northwestern European, 0.8% Finnish, 1.4% French and German, 4.2% broadly Northwestern European, 4.1% Southern European, 2.8% Balkan, 1.3% broadly Southern European, and 3.9% broadly European. As for the rest of My DNA: 0.1% Yakut, <01% Mongolian, <0.1% Native American, <0.1% South Asian, and 0.2% unassigned.
So here is my genetic mix. Thanks to 23andMe company. I am glad that I did this test. I am more diverse than I expected.