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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Stepping Stone

I have come across many articles that talk about how we meant to be great and to do great things.
That philosophy of self-centeredness has also penetrated Christianity. Many best-selling modern Christian authors talk a lot about how God has a great plan for your life: health and wealth.

Last year a worship leader, who is well-known in the area where I live, said that "As Christians we should not be sick, struggling with our finances. Our lives should be testifying of God's glory: great jobs, wellness, careers, friends, and other things. If we don't have much of these, we are not strong Christians!"
Needless to say, the prayers turned into asking God for things, just like constant requests. People went to various parts of the room and started to pray. Everyone was asking for more things from the Lord: jobs, happiness, health, blessings, children, and good grades. People were talking to God because they needed something from Him.
My soul became vexed. I made a decision to leave that group. It wasn't easy. I enjoyed being a part of that group. Seeing how everyone else was getting their prayers answered. I thought that perhaps my prayers lacked faith, sincerity, intentions, and relationships with God.
I made a decision--I left the choir. I don't think that I will be back. I was a part of that choir for over two years.
However, the more I became involved the more I saw the "Name and Claim it Theology". I tried to point out the mistakes to the choir leader but to no avail. After much prayer, I decided to leave.
It has been several months since I left. I don't regret doing this.
Now I spent more time reading my Bible. As Christians in North America, we forget that our lives belong to God and our prayers should be centered around the Lord.
"For God so loved the World that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life" John 3:16


  1. When glory of our God appears most through us is when we rejoice even we are in trials.Even when we are sickness,have financial problem,lack of something,can not become successful persons-if we stay in God,and can still rejoice in Him,this is God's work.Because we, natural humans can never be pleased by trials.

    Also in Japan,many people-especially evangelical,pentecostal ones- pray for prosperity and success of their church and their own.

    I know that many of them are so serious.Because they believe that prosperity of christians can be greatest missionary to the world.This world do not have interest in God,but it has in prosperity and success.
    This is also a kind of seeker's sensitive way of thinking,I think.

    Little way.Alone in the presence of our Lord.What remains until the end for us is only relationship with Him.

    May God bless you this new year and be always His best to you,Irina.


    1. Dear Irina,
      Yes, I agree with your article and with Sanae's comment. Paul in the Bible suffered from beatings, shipwrecks, hunger, and a "thorn in the flesh," etc. Jesus suffered the cross, and at one point during His ministry said that He didn't even have a place to lay His head. If we think that somehow we're going to do better than them, something is wrong with our thinking.

    2. Dear Jessica,

      Happy New Year!! Thank you for the comment. I agree with you. The suffering is promised to us, but one day we'll see Jesus face to face.

    3. Sanae, thank you for your comment. Many pray for prosperity. There is a preacher who was telling his church that they need a jet in order to minister to many people.
      Thank you for your comment,